• Thor
    19 2014 July

    Thor is a woman now and everything is awesome

    Its not really a secret that out of The Big Two comic book companies, Marvel tends to be vastly more progressive than DC. Marvel has a blind superhero. Matt Fraction writes Hawkeye as partially deaf....

  • MRA
    26 2014 May

    Elliot Rodger was a MRA

    [Trigger Warnings: gun violence, sexism, rape culture, racism] The 22 year-old man who killed himself and at least six others this past weekend in Isla Vista, California, was an active participant in online communities that...

  • eonline.com
    01 2014 April

    Dear Kristen: I don’t mean to be sexist, but…

    Recently, a woman named Jenny Erikson posted an article on The Stir about actress Kristen Stewart. The headline claimed that she “will never get Rob back dressed like this.” Below was a photo of Stewart...

  • Gutierrez
    17 2014 March

    Jewlyes Gutierrez: abandoned by her school, honored by SF Pride

    In January, a new case added itself to a long string of incidents of violence against trans women being blamed on those trans women. A high school student living in Hercules, California, Jewlyes Gutierrez faced...

  • Woody Allen
    04 2014 February

    Her name is Dylan Farrow

    [Trigger Warnings: molestation, sexual assault, rape, pedophilia, sexism] Twenty-one years ago, Vanity Fair published an article by Maureen Orth telling the other side of the story behind the split between Woody Allen and Mia Farrow...

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Pvris delves deep with back to back singles

October 2, 2014 | 0 Comments

[Trigger Warnings: domestic violence, partner abuse] On Sept. 22, Pvris (pronounced the same as Paris) — one of 2014’s breakout bands — dropped their second music video, “My House”. It builds on the music and...

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It’s no surprise that New Jersey would be the place that Frank Iero debuts his quasi-solo career as frnkiero andthe cellabration. From his music to his tattoos to the company that he keeps, Iero has always...

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eMotional Music Monday: FKA twigs

September 29, 2014 | 0 Comments

It’s nearly October, summer is over, and we’re all trying to cling to the good vibes it left behind. If you’re going to listen to one album to cling to that feeling, or potentially, just for...

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A note from the editors

September 29, 2014 | 0 Comments

Dedicated Readers of Velociriot, we’d like to begin this post by apologizing for our impromptu and unexpected site hiatus. I could easily delve into a long-winded explanation about Real Life Obligations taking us (and our writers)...

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The Summer Set | 07.10.14 | Vans Warped Tour | Mansfield, MA

Vans Warped Tour, 20 Years On

September 11, 2014 | 0 Comments

[Editor's Note: Here at Velociriot, music plays a major part in our discussions and posts. To accompany that, our staff photographer Lauren will be producing occasional concert reviews, complete with photos, to illustrate some of the...

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North Carolina Republican congressman Robert Pittenger made an unfortunately bigoted statement recently at a town hall in his home state. Asked by ThinkProgress to comment on protections against anti-LGBT* discrimination in the workplace, he seriously...

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